Yucca – Nature’s Beneficial “Steroid”

Yucca – Nature’s Beneficial “Steroid”
February 12, 2016 Jae

Yucca – Education Guide #142

Yucca – Nature’s Beneficial “Steroid”

Yucca is a high desert plant originally found in California and Chile. Historically, it has been used in native cultures for multiple purposes including medical applications, soap substitute and fiber for clothing.


 Naturally-occurring source of saponins

  • Saponins are phytosterols, steroid-like compounds similar to cholesterol, found in plants
  • Saponin molecules are non-systemic, working only within the intestinal track, and not absorbed by the body


Cholesterol Support/Blood Purification

  • Saponins work as “bile acid sequestrants” which bind with cholesterol and pathogens and are then removed through elimination
  • Reduces the amount of cholesterol absorbed in the blood and increases the amount excreted



  • Helps decrease toxins that would otherwise be absorbed
  • Alkalinity is increased while minimizing systemic acid build-up
  • Prevents accumulation of undigested toxic waste
  • Elimination of toxins within the digestive track preventing blood contamination


Digestive Track

  • Encourages the growth of friendly bacteria while decreasing harmful bacteria
  • Improves the efficiency of the digestive process


Elimination System

  • Has been shown to break up inorganic mineral obstructions and deposits
  • Minimizes the work load on the elimination organs (kidneys, liver, lymph, etc.)
  • Works as a specific anti-inflammatory for conditions such as urethritis and prostatitis


Arthritic Conditions

  • Reduces build-up of toxins that concentrate in the joints
  • Has been routinely used to minimize arthritis symptoms
  • Works as a “natural” (non-synthetic) cortisone-like steroid to reduce inflammation


Parts of the plant used include for therapeutic purposes:  Root

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