Skullcap – Ultimate Nervous System Tonic

Skullcap – Ultimate Nervous System Tonic
February 10, 2016 Jae

Skullcap – Education Guide #136

Historically, Skullcap was known as “Mad-dog Weed” and was considered a remedy for rabies


Nervous System

  • Calms the nervous system without feeling “drugged”
  • Has a natural quieting effect that can assist with sleep
  • Taken regularly over a period of time, can create permanent benefit for nervous afflictions
  • Beneficial influence on the central and sympathetic nervous systems
  • Beneficial for neuralgia
  • Acts to quiet nerves

Muscle Spasms

  • Known for helping spasmodic afflictions such as St. Vitus’s Dance (involuntary jerking motions)
  • May assist with epilepsy
  • Has been used to help relieve palsy

Mood and Chronic Fatigue

  • Helps create a feeling of well-being and inner calm
  • Helps to alleviate symptoms of chronic exhaustion occurring as a result of depression
  • Helps to alleviate anxiety
  • Helps recovery from extreme fatigue caused by blood toxins
  • May help rebuild healthy sleep patterns and diminish insomnia


  • Eases problems associated with drug and alcohol withdrawal
  • Helps lessen severity of detox reactions


  • Has been shown to help rebuild nerve ending in the brain

Digestive System

  • Soothes inflamed digestive tissue
  • Improves digestive functions


  • Helps heal upper respiratory infections

Additional Uses

  • Traditionally used to help with fertility
  • May assist with headaches caused by coughing and tension concentrated in the head


Parts of the plant used include for therapeutic purposes:  the whole plant

Additional Information Sources:

Information sources: 

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