Healthy Lifestyle = Healthy Mood

Healthy Lifestyle = Healthy Mood
January 9, 2016 Megan Kirk

“I can’t reiterate this enough: The fate of your health, including that of the brain, is a choice — not a destiny dictated by your genes.”

David Perlmutter, MD
author of Brain Maker

Healthy Lifestyle = Healthy Mood

Supplements can help improve anxiety conditions, depressive episodes and overwhelmed adrenals, but adjusting one’s lifestyle to reduce stress and committing yourself to self-care will reap the best long-term results for mood management.

  • Make a good night sleep a priority. If you don’t sleep well, figure out why.
  • Make time to relax and do more of what you enjoy
  • Get regular exercise and spend time outside
  • Eat a whole-food diet with adequate protein with every meal. Minimize sugars.
  • Don’t overschedule yourself with commitments. Make yourself a commitment.
  • Use supplements to bridge your nutritional gaps
  • Make plans with people. Participate. Or, recognize that time alone is what you need. Enjoy yourself.
    If you struggle with mood issues or emotional health, consider talk-therapy. Seek help for addictions that erode the mind and body.
  • Be proactive about all aspects of your health. Taking control of your wellness will make you feel better.

You’ve seen such lists many times and have read about the awesome things you should do and maybe you are discouraged that you don’t do these things. Just pick one and start there, applauding every step no matter how small.

If you read this list and think, “I’m fine, I do a lot these things” — challenge yourself to do one more. Step it up. Our bodies will do their best jobs for us if we take good care of them.


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