November 4, 2015 Jae

Fennel – Education Guide #126

Uses:  Digestion, Mucus, Kidney/Bladder Tonic, Nursing

Historical uses:

  • Greek physicians suggested Fennel for increasing milk production in nursing mothers.
  • British herbalists have used Fennel to help break up kidney stones.



  • Excellent digestive tonic
  • Helps quiet hiccups
  • Helps prevent nausea
  • Especially beneficial for protein digestion and processing protein waste
  • Promotes improved bowel function
  • Especially helpful in eliminating intestinal gas (either passing from the bowel or belching)


  • It’s digestive support helps to clear excess mucus
  • Helps clear phlegm for the lungs


  • As a Vitamin A source, helps alleviate light sensitivity
  • Improves night vision
  • Helps prevent sudden “blindness” when encountering bright lights
  • Has been used topically as an eyewash

Gall Bladder, Liver & Kidneys

  • Helps minimize the production of uric acid
  • Helps reduce lower back pain issues
  • Tonic effect for kidney & bladder problems
  • Has been used to break up kidney stones
  • Functions as a gall bladder and liver cleanser

Nursing Mothers & Children

  • As a poultice, has been used to help relieve breast swelling in nursing mothers
  • Has been shown to enrich quality and quantity of milk for nursing mothers
  • Improved milk quality helps alleviate colic in nursing babies

Poison Mushrooms

  • May work as an antidote to poisonous mushrooms

Fennel Tea

  • Supports removal of mucus from the intestinal tract
  • Is used as a gargle and breath refresher


  • Has been used to expel worms


Nutrient Source

  • Excellent source of Vitamin A


Parts of the plant used for therapeutic purposes:  the whole plant

Additional Information Sources:

“The Little Herb Encyclopedia, the Handbook of Natures Remedies for a Healthier Life” by Jack Ritchason N.D.

“Medical Herbalism – the Science and Practice of Herbal Medicine” by David Hoffmann, FNIMH, AHG

“Prescription for Herbal Healing” by Phyllis A. Balch


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