Eureka Market Education Guide #103

October 14, 2015 Jae

Digestion – Education Guide #103

Flower Essence + Cell Salt Homeopathic Remedy – Sugar, Dairy, Alcohol & Gluten Free

Indigestion – Stomachache – Feeling Overwhelmed  

  • Sidda Digest eases the neural inhibition throughout the abdomen that may lead to impaired digestion, absorption and elimination. This also may include emotional restriction throughout the core muscles and overall emotional instability.
  • There are more nerve endings in the small intestine than in the spine. By improving the integration of the nerves of this “enteric brain,” Sidda Digest can assist in resolving some of the deepest causes of digestive imbalance.
  • Intestines (small and large) are lined by smooth muscle which can become tense, tight and restricted due to stress. Stress reduces circulation, oxygenation, nutrient supply and waste removal. This reduction leads to an overall decline in digestive functioning.
  • For nervousness leading to digestion problems and feelings of being ungrounded.
  • Sidda Digest is an excellent choice people who can’t eat, or tend to overeat, due to stress. Specifically, it can assists those who are under a lot of pressure whose stress and anxiety “hits them in the gut.”
  • For “butterflies” in the stomach / stress-fueled constipation or diarrhea.
  • For people with a sluggish or weak digestion who are trying to lose weight.

Purpose (Symptoms Targeted)

  • Indigestion
  • Heartburn
  • Stomachache
  • Abnormal appetite
  • Nausea
  • Feeling overwhelmed

Indications are based on Homeopathic Materia Medica

Inactive Ingredients

Cedar*, Dill*, Elecampane*, Figwort*, Grape*, Kiwi*, Loquat*, Natural Flavor, Pineapple*, Polylysine, Psyllium*, Purified and Structured Water, Red Spider Lily*, Sage*, Venus Fly Trap*

* flower essence

Siddha Flower Essences

  • Begin with one or two remedies so your body gets a clear message.
  • Stress Relief & Emotional Detox establish a foundation to support all the other remedies.
  • Using Stress Relief or Emotional Detox in combination with other remedies can bring faster results.


Feeling stressed:

Stress from the “daily grind” – to help take the edge offUse Stress Relief
Deep-seated or chronic stressUse Emotional Detox
Thinking too much (brain chatter), worrying, over analyzingUse Heart


Need help with weight loss issues:

Deep-seated stress, physical toxins contributing to weight gainUse Emotional Detox + Stress Relief
Sweet/carb cravings, blood sugar issuesUse Blood Sugar + Emotional Detox
Sluggish/weak digestionUse Digest + Emotional Detox
Sleep disorders (research has found a link between sleep issues and weight gain)Use Sleep


Skin issues:

Lack of general skin healthUse Youthful Skin
Caused by hormonal imbalanceUse Female Balance
Caused by emotional or physical toxinsUse Emotional Detox + Stress Relief
Caused by nutrient-deficient food choices and digestive disordersUse Digest + Emotional Detox


Need to feel more grounded and centered:

Digestion problems with feeling ungroundedUse Digest + Stress Relief
General grounding for womenUse Female Balance + Stress Relief
General grounding for menUse Male Virility + Stress Relief
General feelings of anxiety, malaise or depressionUse Stress Relief


Physical movement issues:

Lack of fluid motion, coordination, balance, and agilityUse Muscles & Joints
Lack of lung capacity for physical activity or athleticsUse Lung & Sinus
Musculoskeletal discomfortUse Muscles & Joints


How Siddha Homeopathics work:

  • Siddha Flower essences and cell salts are captured in the medium of water using traditional homeopathic techniques. The ingredients have been shown to resolve various forms of stress.
  • Western medicine and herbs treat the chemical portion of the nervous system. In Eastern traditions, electrical messaging within the body is viewed as more important. Siddha Homeopathics work at this electrical level of the nervous system.
  • Electromagnetic blockages can be understood as minute interference waves that prevent smooth electrical transmission within the nervous system. The result is a basic hindrance to well-being from within multiple systems.
  • When Siddha remedies are introduced into the body, the nervous system is exposed to a combination of homeopathic ingredients and cell salts. Together, they initiate resolution for the obstructed field, ease electrical transmission and reduce detrimental interference.


All Eureka Market Education Guides are intended for educational purposes only.  The guides are NOT intended to substitute for professional medical consultation and as such, do not diagnose, prescribe or offer personal medical advice.  Always consult with your health care professional before taking supplements with prescription medications.