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  • “I LOVE this place!” My husband and I stayed at a cabin where we could cook. I got fresh food every day and we also bought their homemade soups... The employees are extremely friendly, helpful and hardworking. The place is always bustling. Don't miss this on your next trip! (Visited November 2015)
  • Healthy in Eureka Springs - With the finest fresh, organic produce, natural supplements & a great selection of your favorite bulk & packaged foods, Eureka Market is your best one-stop shopping for whole foods. A friendly, helpful staff and a myriad of tasty, good for you bargains is just what you need on your visit to the area. (Reviewed July 18, 2015)
  • A great market. - I have been using the Eureka Market since the day it opened. You won't find better people or products anywhere. Visiting the Market is simply time with friends. (Reviewed July 19, 2015)
  • I have been experiencing chronic shoulder pain from overuse.  I have had temporary relief from herbal anti-inflammatories. I decided to up my Omega 3’s and chose Nordic Naturals’ Ultimate Omega.  The relief was almost instantaneous!!  Obviously, my ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 was out of balance.  And I’m a Health Coach!! 
  • Lots to offer! - Lots of great products to offer and friendly knowledgeable staff. For a small town, they have a huge selection of products. (Reviewed July 17, 2015)
  • Favorite grocery store here ... all organic & the best coffee & produce (May 9, 2015)
  • Lisa Morris - Very friendly, courteous and helpful. My husband and I stopped by to pick up a few products. We live in Plano, Texas and were visiting for the weekend. We own a home in Eureka Springs so it's good to know there is a health food store that is well equipped. Your location is very convenient. - Visited January 2016 - lisamT77DL
  • I'm a health food junkie, so what's better than finding this store in the small city of Eureka Springs! I found all my favorites here - Noosa yogurt, 100% Raw Coconut Water, Evolution Fresh juices, Kind granola. They also stock a lot of unique items such as quinoa crackers and grape leaves. They have a bulk foods section as well as a body care section which makes it a great one-stop shop! Free wifi, super friendly staff, and the usual expected prices for health food items. I stocked up on food here during my road trip and didn't have to make any other food stops while out in Northwestern Arkansas - a blessing for someone who doesn't like eating heavy meals/fast food on long road trips. (4/1/2015)
  • Best Little Store - Great staff!!! Great products!!! Great service!!! Have shopped at the Eureka Market for years and it just keeps getting better with each passing year. They are always updating/adding new products. (Reviewed July 18, 2015)
  • D-Mannose relieved my bladder infection/urinary tract infection symptoms within an hour. And I had no symptoms the following day.  Jae told me how other people have used this product so I continued the next few days even though I was symptom-free. The infection has not returned. 
  • Awesome !!!!! - Wonderful staff. Wonderful products. I shop here very often for my family. They offer a wide variety of food !! - Visited January 2016 - amberlvn2
  • After having been “attacked in the Achilles tendon” by a horrible antibiotic, I sought advice from your wonderfully-amazing Certified Nutritionist, Jae, who promptly told me about your product by NOW:  UC-II Joint Health, Type II Collagen.  At the beginning of taking this, my heel hurt severely, every time I took a step.  After 3 – 4 weeks of this product, there was no pain or discomfort.I remain always to be amazed at the wealth of knowledge Jae has when I ask about health issues.  Thank you, Jae!!  And thank you, Eureka Market!!

Our Amazing Team

121 E Van Buren Ste B

Eureka Springs AR 72632

(479) 253-8136

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Taking care of each other so we can take care of you

At The Eureka Market we believe our first, best customers are our staff. We’ve recognize that a happy staff is more productive and works harder to satisfy customers. We nurture a highly energetic, enthusiastic, fun atmosphere and workplace – a great place to work and a great place to shop! We don’t have managers per se but empower staff to manage themselves and their time with customers in mind. “Your Neighborhood Natural Food Store” isn’t just a tag line or a slogan – it’s our approach to business. We operate as a “mom & pop” because personalized individual customer service is what we think sets us apart.

The Eureka Market Staff

Three or more years 50%
Amount over Minimum Wage 39%
Above Occupational Specialty 26%
Combined Experience at The Eureka Market 65+ YEARS

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