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  • “Nice place, HELPFUL people - A smaller but thoughtfully stocked store with many things to snack on to keep you going versus a fast food drive through. Local produce. High quality supplements. (Reviewed July 17, 2015)
  • “Was taking it for overall reduction in inflammation.  Worked great on all my ‘aches and pains’, & I even forgot I had a ‘bad knee’.”   Ruth G. - Product:  Source Naturals Inflamma-Rest
  • “I have chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease & Asthma.  Every year at this time my breathing gets rough & I usually get bronchitis or pneumonia.  I hate using an inhaler with steroids.  Jae recommended the Himalayan Salt Inhaler.  Since using this, I haven’t woken up choking even once.  Usually, this time year I wake up several times each night, choking.  It is all natural & I love it!” - Lindy R., Product:  Himalayan Salt Air Inhaler
  • I had been ingesting contaminated water for 2 months.  After drinking the Aloe, there was an immediate soothing of the gut… nausea immediately decreased.  I saw it help support my immune system from the effects of Cipro antibiotic poisoning.  The Aloe was very effective… it’s highly recommended. - S.L., Eureka Springs / Hawaii (1/7/16) - Product:  Herbal Answers Herbal Aloe Force Aloe Vera, 32 oz.
  • Great Natural Food Selection in a Small-Town Atmosphere - When my daughter and I are in Eureka Springs, we regularly visit Eureka Market. They carry a nice selection of natural foods, organic produce, supplements, and the like. Is it Whole Foods? Of course not. But can you get what you need? Nearly every time. (Reviewed July 17, 2015)
  • “Taking Garden of Life Probiotics on a daily basis has really been helpful for my digestive needs.  One capsule taken at night works best for me.  It has been beneficial in relieving gas, bloating and general digestive discomfort.  This particular product has been more helpful than others I have tried.  I am grateful for its effectiveness.”   (12/29/15) - Product:  Garden of Life Mood+ Probiotic
  • Great health food store in a small tourist town.  I had my coffee here every morning during my visit to Eureka Springs along with checking my emails with their good strong FREE Wi-fi.  They have good healthy food, vitamins, snacks and were well worth the visit.  They are also open seven days a week which was very nice. (7/17/2014)
  • “Wonderful shop of delights - I've been shopping at Eureka Market for years, and they have quite a selection of organic whole foods, herbal remedies, and vitamins. What deeply impresses me is that the knowledgeable staff truly care about your health, and are on hand to listen, suggest, and guide. Further, they are sincere, kind, and friendly. Visiting Eureka Market is always a delight and pleasure! - Visited January 2016 - deniseboatner62
  • "Awfully Glad for Eureka Market" - This is a little healthy outpost in Arkansas that carries packaged and bulk food, as well as a large selection of vitamins/supplements. After discovering the place online, I was happy to find it was open until 7 pm during the week, even in the offseason. (Posted on 02/18/2010)
  • Great place to get good healthy food - This store has it all! Great food, snacks, coffee, tea, chocolate! Samples and weekly specials. Also, any vitamins u may need plus knowledgeable help and a reward system. - Visited November 2015 - Val L.
  • A wonderful small health food store with local produce! - I love this store. If they do not have what you are looking for, they will get it. For a small town like Eureka Springs, they are essential. They have a knowledgeable staff, especially in supplements. In the season, they get produce from local, organic growers. - Visited January 2016 - annmac2015
  • Good place of healthy/health food - Only place to get health/healthy food in Eureka Springs. Has great variety of carnivore food, vegetarian food, vegan food as well as vitamins and personal care products. - Visited January 2016 - kewaynco

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Jae, our most highly trained supplement specialist, has studied nutrition for over 20 years. Over the last 15 Jae has specialized in supplement consultations. Jae is available 9:00 to 4:00 Wednesday & Saturday. She is also available 10:00 to 5:00 Thursday & Friday.

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