Vervain – The “Everything” Healer

Vervain – The “Everything” Healer
February 10, 2016 Jae

Vervain – Education Guide #139

Vervain has been said to have “something for everything”, in terms of being a healing herb.  The Romans used it to purify their temples and their homes.  In the 1900’s, Vervain was one of the 12 original Bach Flower remedies.



  • Helps clear congestion and stagnation issues
  • Can provide beneficial liver stimulation
  • Helps prevent gallstones

As an Infusion

  • Can improve and speed recovery from severe colds and flu’s
  • Stimulates sweating to help remove toxins
  • May enhance immune response to help clear other feverish conditions
  • Used as a mouthwash, helps heal mouth ulcers and spongy gums

Cleanser and Clearing

  • Beneficial as a urinary cleanser and astringent
  • May assist in clearing phlegm from lungs


  • Helps heal pulmonary issues such as asthma, pneumonia, tuberculosis
  • Works as an anti-inflammatory for sore and inflamed eyes
  • Helps reduce and/or eliminate obstructions in bowels and bladder
  • Can expel phlegm from the throat
  • As an ointment, may improve eczema, wounds, weeping sores and painful neuralgia
  • As a poultice, may help heal insect bites, sprains and bruises
  • Has been used for gout and skin infections

Sleep Issues

  • Can help improve insomnia, especially when used as a hot infusion

Hormonal/Child Birth

  • Assists with painful and/or irregular menstrual cycles

Nursing and Child Birth

  • Helps support milk production
  • May support contractions during labor

Nerve Support and Stress

  • As a Bach Flower Essence, was used to treat mental stress and overexertion
  • Can function as a beneficial nerve rebuilder
  • Helps minimize nervous tension


Parts of the plant used include for therapeutic purposes:  tops

Additional Information Sources:

Information sources: 

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